The Otterson Law & Mediation, P.C. provides mediation and facilitation in multiple areas, legal or not.

What is a Mediator?

A mediator is a trained neutral person who helps people make settlement discussions productive. Even if trained in the law, a mediator does not give legal advice and does not make decisions. The mediator’s role is to help you find the best solutions on your own, and reach agreement about them.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is the process in which a neutral and independent third person helps parties involved in a conflict to reach a voluntary and mutually acceptable settlement of their differences. Mediation is well suited for disputes which do not involve terribly complex legal issues or where the participants have already obtained independent legal advice. It can be a productive and less expensive way to sort through the issues, settling the easy ones and generating creative options for the difficult ones. Even parties who are represented by counsel in litigation can often profit from mediation, either to facilitate private settlement conferences with the attorneys present, or to winnow out the issues that the attorneys don’t need to spend their time on.

Client Reviews

We had a tough adoption that seemed to drag on with the state. The staff at Otterson Law were tremendously knowledgeable and a huge help to us. The adoption portion was all done quickly and we were very pleased with with their work. We will be using them in the future.

- Sima T.

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