OCS Representation

If you face potential involvement with OCS you have a serious matter. The consequences can be more severe and long lasting than anything else the state can do to you. You need solid guidance. You need someone in your corner who can work with the agency, but also commands respect.

You want to stay out of court at all costs. If you end up in court, you need good representation. But don't wait till then to contact us. We can help today.

Client Reviews
We had a tough adoption that seemed to drag on with the state. The staff at Otterson Law were tremendously knowledgeable and a huge help to us. The adoption portion was all done quickly and we were very pleased with with their work. We will be using them in the future. Sima T.
Otterson Law & Mediation just finished the adoption of my daughter, Melissa. They did it during COVID and around all the state closures. I was happy with the communication and also with the timeliness of getting it finished. Reklats E.
Otterson Law office handled the adoptions of my niece and nephew in Alaska. They did a great job addressing all of the concerns and making sure that things were handled well. I am glad to have my niece and nephew in our family thanks to them. Trevor B.