We will make sure your adoption is done right, and without unnecessary delays. We handle all types of adoption, whether it's private or through an Agency such as Catholic Social Services, LDS Social Services, or the State. We can finalize a foreign adoption so that you end up with an Alaska court order and an Alaska issued birth certificate.

We handle contested adoptions such as those involving step-parents, grandparents or others. If the child has Alaska Native or Indian ancestry we'll make sure the requirements of the Indian Child Welfare Act are satisfied. Adopting a child is a wonderful thing which you don't want marred by legal problems. We'll make sure your adoption is a joyous occasion.

Step Parent Adoptions

The most common form of adoption is by a stepparent who assumes financial and legal responsibility for his/her spouse’s child(ren), and the non-custodial parent is released from all parenting responsibilities. Procedures are generally simpler than for other types of adoption, however, stepparent adoption law varies from state to state. State stepparent adoption laws address issues such as consents from the non-custodial parent, how long the stepparent and biological parent must be married before an adoption petition can be filed, whether or not a homestudy is required, and other requirements.